Managing your customer relationships?

CRM allows your business to manage the customer interface with ease. CRM gives you visibility of all your customer needs. Visits or calls can be planned and logged with actions sent to the appropriate member of staff. This multi user application enables all your staff to keep focused on the businesses customer needs. Plus the application allows the management of internal meetings, holiday request and sales targeting. If you have staff out on the road CRM can be extended to a secure web application through remote access via the internet.

The shared diary view lets you know whos seeing who and when. Staff can add personal diary notes as reminders or convey a message to all other users. The diary view can also be used to navigate to customer contact details - much like a browser!

The month view can be easily switched to show the current users 'to-do' list where its then possible to update the task for there.


Action requests can be summarised and monitored. Actions can also be colour coded to assist priority setting.


Customer visits/calls can be planned ahead and made visible on the customer visit chart. This also shows the number of planned and actual visits/calls made and by who. Once the contact has taken place the minutes can be quickly added to the system and the relevant actions raised.

Its also possible to plan visits within a certain location using the customer uk mapping tool.


Manage the office with more visibility too. The staff holiday planner allows holidays to be booked when cover is available using the workgroup assignments. Regular Meetings can be added and actions assigned and monitored against each member of staff.


CRM can be quickly deployed in your business, support will be given for both the transfer of customer/contact details, the on-site deployment and staff training.

If CRM is of interest to you just enter your details in the contact us page, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.