PC Solutions 
S4 Solutions Ltd has developed a broad spectrum of desktop applications these include:
Engineering design tools, enterprise management systems, integrated CAD/CAM tools, industrial MMI and control systems, product configuration tools, SAP utilites, web server components.
Customer Relationship Manager
Enterprise application for managing customer relations and the staff in the office! Customer contact database, log visits/calls, required actions, customer visit planning and reporting tools. All customers are pin pointed on a uk map allowing instant reporting of customers within a defined area. Office management features include staff holiday planner, meeting planner & action prompts, shared diary view showing who's in and who's out. Now has a web interface to allow remote staff access to the system.
Product Configuration Tool
Engineering tool to assist in the creation of multi part assemblies. Reference database for design standard look-ups, existing component search, part specification validation, creation of production drawing and update coporate database with new part details.
Windows CAD tool used for designing compressor components. Application includes design wizards to assist in applying company design standards, graphics drawing module for producing A3 manufacturing drawings, Oracle database interface
Workshop Manager
Complete engineering business solution. Handles everything from customer enquiry, quotations, product planning, order management, purchasing, job cost management, job reporting, product dispatch, job invoicing and business performance monitoring.